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Secrist Real Eyes Doll Eyes - 12mm Gray Only

$200 $599

8 reviews

Secrist doll-eyes are an affordable acrylic doll-eye for all types of dolls or great for replacement eyes.

  • Secrist doll-eyes will never fade or change color. They are made from high quality optical acrylic that is crystal clear and won't easily break or scratch. Used by many doll companys including Disney and Mattel!
  • NOTE: Heating/Baking Information from the manufacturer: About baking the Real Eyes... A 225 F degree heat should be fine. Generally, if the temp is at or less than 250-275 F the eyes are fine. At the higher temps we really recommend baking in 15 minute increments (if material requires more than the initial 15 minutes). We know some people have used strips of tin foil over the eye area to help deflect heat away from the eyes, too. We always suggest, just for personal peace of mind, that you try baking a set of eyes in a sample piece of work (so that the real work isn't wasted) just to see how they handle the heat. We've never had someone contact us about melting or their project being ruined due to the eyes not holding up to heat. We don't expect you'll have any problems..."
  • Real Eyes Brand Doll Eyes are available in 12mm through 26mm (each size now sold separately).

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