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Dolls so Real Matte Sealer 4oz Jar


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Use just as you would any matte sealer. It can be air dried or heat set.

Clear matte sealer for your acrylic, water or heat set paint painting project. Use this instead of matte varnish. The sealer has the following qualities:

  • 4 oz (118ml) Jar of transparent (opaque white until dry), matte sealer
  • Dries clear with a matte finish
  • Can also be used as a 3d medium or filler
  • Use as a top coat or final layer. Do NOT mix with heat set paint but can be used to seal over the heat set paint
  • Use thin layer and if you need more, add another thin layer.
  • Thin with water. 
  • Soap and water clean up while sealer is wet. 
  • Non toxic, acid free, UV protection against fading
  • Air dry (or heat dry up to 265° F (130°C)
  • Ages 18 and up