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Rooting Needles Crown: 36g 3b 10 pk


This set of 36-gauge 3-barb rooting needles are made of high-strength steel and designed to allow the user to accurately create lifelike dolls with perfect hair placement. Each package contains 10 needles, allowing hobbyists and doll artisans to make quick and efficient work of creating the perfect doll.

  • 36 gauge 3 barb Crown 10 pack. 3" long

  • Crown needles are designed to have 1 barb on each edge of the "crown". The barbs are not staggered. The barbs are arranged evenly around the edges. These needles are good for their high dimensional accuracy of the barbs which will gather more than one fiber at a time for greater/faster rooting. Crown needle work by catching hair/fiber in their barbs so the needle can be inserted into the vinyl and the hairs are pushed into the vinyl and stay when the needle is pulled out due to the barb position.

  • Suggested for beginning rooting and up. Needles are very sturdy and to not bend as easily as fork or Ultra Fine needles.