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Rooting Needles Crown: 43g 6b 10pk - Sale

$600 $1000

This product is perfect for delicate hair rooting. This size needles are perfect for applying fine and realistic details on reborn dolls. Its precision craftsmanship results in finer and smoother hair placement.

Rooting needles are fragile and can break easily. The more experienced your become, the less they will break. These needles are German made and are sold worldwide by most doll supply stores.

  • 43g 6b Ultra Fine 10 needle pack 3" long
  • Highest quality steel, European manufacturing
  • Crown needles have 1 barb on each side of the "crown". Barbs are not staggered on the shaft but line up on each side of the needle's crown.
  • Experienced rooting levelNeedle ends are very fine and bend/break easily. Heating/warming the vinyl can help reduce breakage or bending.

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