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Rooting Needles Triangular Crown: 42g 3b 10pk

$700 $1000

This 10-pack of 42g 3b Rooting Needles is perfect for reborn doll hair for larger heads of hair. Each triangular rooting needle is made from durable stainless steel, ensuring a long service life. Their sharp tips make for easy and precise rooting for use with mohair or real hair. 

Rooting needles are fragile and can break easily. The more experienced your become, the less they will break. These needles are German made and are sold worldwide by most doll supply stores.

  • 42g 3b Triangular Crown 10 needle pack, 3" (7,62cm) long
  • Triangular needle's barbs are staggered on the shaft. 
  • Suggested for beginner and up
  • Heating/warming the vinyl will help reduce breakage or bending and make an easier rooting project in general.
  • All rooting levels:  These needles grab more hair than other styles. 

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