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How to Apply Baby Face Peach Fuzz

Instructions for applying peach fuzz

Before applying the tiny fibers to make baby peach fuzz (lanugo), please complete the doll kit reborning process with all vinyl parts (including head with eyes, hair, paint, final sealant). Lanugo is ready to apply once all of the vinyl part(s) have had their final seal/finish.

To apply the lanugo, follow these instructions carefully and in numerical order:

  1. Use a small sponge, a cosmetic sponge works fine, and lightly dip in the sealer used as the final layer of your doll project. Only apply the sealer the precise areas you want the lanugo applied. Wipe off any excess sealer before applying the hair. 
  2. Using a fine brush, we suggest a small fan brush for this step, pick up a very small amount of hair fibers with the brush.
  3. Test and/or practice first! Take a sheet of white paper to see how much hair falls when you shake the brush you are using to apply the lanugo. Too much falling, use less, not enough, use more. To see how it shakes or blows onto the sealer, just sponge some of the sealer onto paper and test. Practice and when done, the unused hair fibers can be returned to the original container by gently folding the paper in half, tipping it a bit and letting the hairs slide back into the jar.
  4. Final Step to apply lanugo - Gently shake or blow the hair fibers in the direction you want them to fall. Use a tiny/minute amount of hairs on the brush. Do not overload. Less is better. Apply more if needed. Once the Baby Face Peach Fuzz is applied, air dry or bake per your sealer's instructions. The hairs are sealed during this final process.