CROWN - 36gauge 3barb (36g3b) Crown Rooting Needles 10 pk

  • 36 gauge crown rooting needle with 3 barbs. A larger gauge needle for beginners and for firmer vinyl heads.  (the larger the gauge number the smaller the hole produced when inserting the needle)
  • 10 needles per pack.
  • Click on the illustration to see how barbs help you when rooting the hair.  All tip photos are magnified to show shape of the end. You can not really see these shapes with the naked eye very well.
  • Crown needles are good for their high dimensional accuracy of the barbs which will gather more than one fiber at a time for greater/faster rooting. 

 36g 3b Crown Rooting Needle Information

This 36 gauge 3 barb crown needle with a point to barbs of 3.18 mm and barb depth of 0.065 mm.  On the 3 barb crown needles, all barbs are the same distance from the point. 

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