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Rooting Needles Ultra Fine: 40g 1b (end) Ultra Fine 10pk

$650 $1000

Ultra Fine Rooting Needles provide precision, control and a consistent quality of hair placement for reborning a doll's head.  The 40g 1b Ultra Fine size creates a realistic and natural look, making it easier to achieve the desired hairstyle with few unwanted holes in the vinyl. The 10 pack enables multiple rooting projects to be completed quickly and efficiently. 

Rooting needles are fragile and can break easily. The more experienced your become, the less they will break. These needles are German made and are sold worldwide by most doll supply stores.

  • 40g 1b Ultra Fine Triangular Rooting Needles. 3" long 10 needle pac

  • 40g 1b needle has the only barb at the end of the needle (3.18mm from the point/tip of the needle.) The barb depth is .055mm. Although the needle is triangular, the lone barb does not allow the classification of a true triangular needle. Ultra fine is the better description.

  • All rooting levels: The needle works by catching a hair on the lone barb to insert into the vinyl. 

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