Beesley - The Sleeping Manor Elf Enchanted Kreature Kit


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We are so excited to welcome Sarah Mellman and her Enchanted Kreature Kits (various artists) to our awesome artist line up!

Beesley is an adorable Manor Elf. Beesley is a doll kit (vinyl/cloth parts) and not a completed doll. (Goes with Tinky and Bipsey) The Beesley elf kit has the following included: 

  • Beesley is approximately 11-12" (28cm-30.5cm) tall.
  • Beesley's kit has a head, 3/4 arms, 3/4 legs, cloth body slip.
  • The head accepts 22mm 1/2 round flat back eyes, sold separately. Check out eyes collection!
  • The vinyl kit is light blank vinyl. You can create any color you want!
  • COA included
  • Beesley Kit: $110.00 each (1 kit included) (price set by the artist)
    • Note:  You are purchasing a doll kit(s). The photos of completed doll is shown as examples.
    • Attention: The kit is blank vinyl parts with no paint or supplies. 
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