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Dolls so Real Life 18mm Doll-Eyes

$5.00 $4.50

18mm Half Round Acrylic Doll-Eyes

  • SP = Smaller Pupil (Black center of doll-eye)
  • LP = Larger Pupil (Black center of doll-eye - most popular for newborn dolls)

Our Real Life doll-eyes are beautiful and economical. (sold in 1 pair, 2 doll-eyes)

Baking Instructions: You can bake these doll-eyes in vinyl or clay. Factory recommends baking at 0-275F (0-135C) but no higher. They can be baked for up to 60 minutes with no problems. If you have to bake your vinyl doll-head several times, this should be fine. Just let the doll-eyes (and the vinyl) cool between times.

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