Discontinued - Kemper will no longer carry doll supplies. Only while our supplies last
  • Eye setting tool
  • Size M 12-18mm or L 18-22mm
  • Glass Eyes: Useful for placing hollow glass eyes with a stem. Put full round glass eye stem gently on the point part and slip the eye with setter into the back of the eyes and place.
  • Acrylic doll eyes:  If you use with acrylic half round eyes, we suggest placing a some pliable wax on the metal end or in the back of the eye to help the tool adhere so you can guide it more readily. Works for eye placement from behind the socket inside of the head.
  • Note: You only need different size tools if your hollow glass eyes are different sizes. If you are using them with acrylic eyes for placement, any size will do as long as you have some wax.
  • by Kemper Tools
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