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Do you have trouble trying to get your doll eyes into the head from the inside but it keeps falling off your finger?  We do too. Eye wax is a perfect solution whether you are using an eye setting or your finger. Just put a small amount on the end of your finger/tool or behind the eye and finally have control over setting the eye. Eye wax was designed for setting of full round/hollow glass eyes, but we found it perfect for our acrylic eyes too.

  • Comes in size small squares sealed in plastic.
  • Work the wax in your hand to make it more pliable. A small amount goes a long way.
  • Re-usable.
  • Finally an easier way to put your doll eyes in using the eye setting tool.
  • NOTE: If you leave the wax in the back of the eye, use caution if you are setting the eyes with a glue gun. The wax could melt and ooze out around the eye in the front.
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