Eyeco 24mm Polymer Doll Eyes


Eyeco's 2022 price increase is their first in over 10 years.

Eyeco's PolyGlass© line of doll eyes is a collector quality hard optical polymer half round doll eye that is shatter resistant and temperature stable up to 275 degrees Fahrenheit (135 degrees Celsius). Eyeco doll eyes have a 3-d effect for the fraction of the price of glass doll eyes.

Eyeco doll eyes are our best selling doll eyes.

  • 24mm Half-Round polyglass doll eyes have a 3 dimensional effect for more realism.
  • Choose from several sizes and colors. Price includes one pair. All pairs sold separately.
  • Eyeco's polymer dolls eyes can be used in porcelain, clay or vinyl doll heads.
  • by Eyeco Ltd
  • Click on the color in the drop down menu and it will appear at the left top of the page.

 Information from Eyeco

Each Eyeco PolyGlass© eye enjoys a 275 degree Fahrenheit bake temperature rating as well as a broad and deep color range. The PolyGlass© series offers a collector quality half round eye with high reflectance. 

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