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Eyeco 18mm Polyglass Doll Eyes


Eyeco's Polyglass Doll Eyes are a best seller. Collector quality doll eyes at the fraction of the price for glass. The doll-eyes are crafted with hard optical polymer, life-like iris colors and 3-d effect for depth. These eyes bring realism to any project and for the fraction of the price for glass doll-eyes. The doll-eyes are lightweight, half-round (hollow), shatter resistant.

  • Size 18mm (sold in sets of 2 eyes)
  • Eyeco Polyglass doll eyes are temperature stable up to 275°F, 135°C
  • Set of eyes is packaged in an acrylic box. The box protects them during shipping and storage. The boxes can crack and break during shipment. To ensure the boxes remain in tact, ship via UPS or USPS Priority mail.

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