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Eyeco Special Order Ultra "Soft Glass" Fantasy Doll-Eyes Size 11mm to 15mm


Custom/special order doll-eyes. Please allow a few weeks for delivery as they come directly from the factory. Payment in full is required to order.

The Eyeco Platinum Soft Glass line will take your doll from a “beautiful doll to a beautiful child.” This is a soft glass half round doll-eye, ranging from 11mm to 15mm (17mm to 23mm sold separately) that is flexible and molds to the eye socket.

  • A098 Smoke Fire this doll-eye makes a real statement, in hues of gray and highlights of gold
  • A123 Toffee - Stunning shade of toffee with a hint of caramel brown.
  • A167 Petina Green - Petina green with hints of copper
  • A176 Shades of Blue - Beautiful shades of blue with hints of coral
  • A185 Ocean Blue - Beautiful blue with shades of golden sunshine
  • A190 Solar Eclipse - Deep shades of navy blue with a vibrant ring much like a solar eclipse
  • A214 Sea Green Sunburst - Fantasy line doll-eye sea green, medium gray and golden sunburst
  • A261 Shades of Taupe - Shade of taupe with hints of copper
  • B099 Vibrant Aqua - Bright aqua blue
  • B100 Blood Red - A beautiful blood red eye with explosions of blue in the iris
  • B108 Green Sunburst - Pale yellow sunburst on a light green background
  • B109 Slate Gray - Slate gray with light sunburst in iris
  • B111 Crystal Waters - Beautiful crystal clear water blue
  • B113 Kiwi Sunburst - Green sunburst with avocado green low lights
  • B115 Jade Stone - Teal and green come together to make this beautiful impression with color variances from light to the deepest teal green
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