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Eyeco Order Ultra "Soft Glass" Dragon Doll-Eyes


Custom order doll-eyes. Please allow a few weeks for delivery as they come directly from the factory. Payment in full is required to order.

The Dragon Club is a line of specialty doll-eyes created for Dragons, Trolls, Gobblins, Frogs, Snakes, and can be used in traditional doll for an ultra wild look. There are currently 7 styles of doll-eyes in the Dragon Club. Platinum Soft Glass line will take your creature to the next level! This is a soft glass half round doll-eye, ranging from 11mm to 23mm ( Order one size down from regular acrylic doll-eye sizes) that is flexible and molds to the doll-eye socket.

  • A057 Volcano Fire - A dragon style doll-eye of volcanic fire bursting with rays from its molten center
  • A103 Green Dragon - Green doll-eyes with large black slit and yellow accents
  • A129 Violet Scales - A blue and violet scaled dragon/creature doll-eye
  • A175 Stone Scales- A brown/gray/green doll-eye scaled eye with multi color slit
  • A188 Violet Vaegon - A beautiful shade of violet purple
  • A190 Solar Eclipse - Deep shades of navy blue with a vibrant ring much like a solar eclipse
  • A193 Green Scales - Green scaled dragon/creature doll-eyes with bright sunburst slit
  • A197 Gray Scales - Gray scales with extra wide sunburst/fire slit
: 057 Volcano Fire