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Rooting Needles Fork: 43g 10pk - Sale

$650 $1000

This 10 pack of 43 gauge fork non-barbed rooting needles is perfect for creating reborn hair and reborning dolls. With the finest of tips, you'll be able to achieve the highest levels of precision. 

Rooting needles are fragile and can break easily. The more experienced your become, the less they will break. These needles are German made and are sold worldwide by most doll supply stores.  

  • 43g fork rooting uncut needle pack. 10 pieces
  • 3" long
  • Forked rooting needles catch or grab the hair in their "fork". The larger the hair shaft, the smaller the gauge rooting needle you will need. Remember, once a hole is poke
  • Fork needles are three-dimensional needles with rounded fork tips.  Fork needles up to 43 gauge are best for very fine mohair. 
  • Experienced rooting: These fork needles are tiny and often used for very fine hair in eyebrows and eyelashes.
  • If you do not know how to root yet, we suggest you looking at videos on Youtube. Fork rooting needles grab the hair like a fork before you insert the needle into the vinyl. As you push the fork needle in (the fork is barely visible to the naked eyes), the hair is grabbed as the vinyl closes back up when you remove the needle. This takes time and practice and more practice to learn. If the needle is not picking up hair, then your hair strands might be to large for the needles or you are not inserting the needle into the vinyl correctly. You must insert all rooting needles into the vinyl in the directional that the non-needle tip points. 

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