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FORK - 43g Fork Rooting Needles 10 pack


43 gauge fork rooting needle with no barbs. (the larger the gauge number the smaller the hole produced when inserting the needle. The finer the hair being used, the larger the gauge needs to be to be sure it can catch it in the fork.)

  • 10 needles per pack.
  • All sizes approximately 3" long.
  • Other sizes available but sold separately.
  • Click on the illustration to see how barbs help you when rooting the hair.  All tip photos are magnified to show shape. You can not really see these shapes with the naked eye very well. Although the fork needle doe not looked sharp at the end, it is and works great. We used the 42g for all of our hair rooting at this time. 
  • A fork needle is a three-dimensional needle with a rounded fork tip.  Fork needles up to 43 gauge are designed especially for the production of very fine fibers such as human hair and mohair.
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