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Genesis NF Paint Mediums - Thick 3-D, Glazing Gel


No couponsAll sales final on Genesis paints/mediums. No more stock available.

  • This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer
  • New formula Genesis Artist Heat Set Mediums (**READ about the consistency of the Permanent MATTE Varnish below)
  • 1 or 4 oz jar (30ml or 118ml) 
  • Only mediums shown in drop down are available
  • by AMACO
  • New Formula sets at 180°-200°F (82°- 93°C) depending on your heating method
  • Original formula sets at 265°F (130°C)
  • Note: The new formula must be mixed thoroughly to get a good consistency
  • New Formula OFF WHITE MATTE Varnish dries clear. The color does not seem to effect the finish and I found it dried clear like the lighter batches. 

*New Formula Disclaimer:  The new formula of Genesis Artist Color Heat Set Paints and mediums are different from the original formula in consistency and heat time. Please mix well before using.

Please TEST, TEST, TEST before using on a viable project. Extra or damaged vinyl parts make a great resource for testing. All sales are final on this product. 

NOTE: Please read all instructions carefully BEFORE using these heat set paints. Do not use in your personal use oven as the paints and vinyl can create toxic fumes. Please use a heat set gun (sold separately) or an oven dedicated to the use of the heat set paints.

**The new formula Genesis Permanent Matte Varnish does not have different consistencies as some customers have pointed out to us. When the varnish is scooped from the jar it is like a paste, see photo 1. After mixing and stirring the matte medium, it becomes creamier just like the Artist Color Paints. There is only ONE new formula for all of the mediums. If the consistency is different, it is not due to the formula.


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