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20-22mm German Glass Doll-Eyes w/Blue Sclera - Full Round

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Crafted by skilled artisans in Germany. Each full round, hollow, glass doll eye is mouth blown and then matched as closely as possible to another doll eye. They truly are a one-of-a-kind work of art.

These realistic hand crafted glass doll eyes have a bluish sclera and a shine mirroring a real baby's eyes. In newborns, the sclera is thin and often appears bluish, revealing the color of the underlying uveal layer. The glass used in the process makes the doll eyes appear to be wet. This feature adds to the realism.

  • One pair (2 doll eyes), full round, hollow, German glass doll eyes
  • Stem length of doll-eye is 1.25" (3.1cm)
  • An eye setting tool  was used to set the doll eyes for the photos but it is not required. It can be helpful, especially with hard to reach doll kit eye sockets. Placing these doll eyes from inside the doll head lowers the chance of breakage.
  • Each eye stem is approximately 1/4" (63cm) long and the ends of the stem can break off and become sharp, so please use caution when handling. We suggest using eye wax to not only keep any sharp point away from your fingers/hands but it also makes it easier to temporarily set the eye using an eye tool. 
  • Hand made and blown in Germany
  • Note: It is very hard to capture good photographs to show the realism of these doll eyes. We have chosen the most accurate photos that we have taken of them. However, keep in mind, PC monitors vary in hue and brightness so the colors may not look exactly the same on your monitor. 
: Dark Blue Gray - last one