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Real HHair Doll Eyelash Strip - Light Thread

$300 $575
    • Beautiful real H Hair eyelash strips for your new doll kit or doll.
    • These eyelash strips are strung on a small light colored thread.
    • The lashes are made of real hair.
    • Lash strip length is approximately 6-8" (18-20cm)
    • Available in several sizes. The smaller sizes such as 2-3mm, 3-4mm can be used as lower lashes. All other sizes can be used for upper lashes. The 4-6mm can be used for either depending on your desired effect.
    • Each strip can be cut (by you) to whatever length you want, so 1 strip can yield 8 to 14 eyelashes, depending on the length you prefer. 
    • Available in several colors and sizes. Only colors in drop down menu are available.
    • NOTE: Color batches vary with each shipment. Although they are close to the same color, variations do occur.

    This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.  As of now, replacement vendor has not been found. 

    10 reviews
    : Black 2-3mm