Teeny Pee Micro Preemie Diapers 3-pk


These real preemie hospital diapers are perfect for micro and mini dolls or doll kits. Made for NICUs in hospitals all over the world, these real preemie diapers are perfect at a fraction of a hospital's cost. See the comparison chart to show just how tiny these diapers are!

  • Available in three sizes:
    • Extra Small (1.75 lbs/800g or less) 3.25" x 2" (8.26cm x 5.08cm)
    • Small  (1.75-2.75 lbs or 800-1250g) 4" x 2"  (10.16cm x 5.08cm)
    • Medium (2.75 - 4.9 lbs or 1250-2250g) 5" x 2.25" (12.7cm x 5.76cm)
    • Assorted now has 1 of each size (4 diapers): Extra Small, Small A, Small B and Medium (solid white)
  • 3 Diapers per pack (Assorted 1 of each size)
  • White only
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