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Premium Curly/Wavy Mohair 1/2 oz (14g) - Raised in the USA

    • Premium quality, hand selected kid mohair tendrils. Grown, processed and packaged in North Carolina, USA! 
    • Soft curly/wavy/crimpy mohair with a great luster and shine
    • This mohair is so great to work with and roots very well. We used 42g fork
    • 1/2 oz per package. Prices vary by length and quality 
    • Hair has been lightly conditioned by the farm to prevent frizzing while handling. 
    • Bundles vary in length and color.
    • We were able to flat iron the mohair with a good result. Not perfect, but we are not hair techs!
    • *Natural colors are un-dyed.
    • Mohair bundles can vary by batch but all are very similar in curl, wave and fullness. Please note that darker colors can "bleed". Be sure to test it by wetting a small section and placing on a white paper towel.  If it bleeds too much, than we suggest returning the mohair to us so we can set it straight with our supplier.

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    Chestnut Brown 8"