Honeybug Vintage Doll Pacifier w/Free Magnet


Honeybug Vintage Pacifiers are especially designed for the Reborn dolls.  No more gluing or drilling - just snap off the cap, insert your 8mm or 3/8" Strong Neo Earth Magnet (now included) and snap the cap back on and it's ready for your Reborn doll.

Item Description:

  • For dolls sized 19" (48.26cm) and up
  • Approximately 2" w x 1.5" h (50.8mm x 38.1mm)
  • Accepts 8mm, 1/4" or 3/8" magnet in the handle (one included)
  • Vintage style pacifiers by Honeybug are the same size as the sweetheart style for 19-22" size dolls
  • Each pacifier is handle-less with a lace style edge.
  • by Honeybug

Not for Children under Age 12. 

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