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Instructional Reborning You Tube Videos

Instructional Reborning You Tube Videos

All links provided are done so for your enjoyment and learning. Please note that we are not associated with the artists other than being admirers of their art. Use at your own risk, but we chose these videos because of their popularity and/or the work of the artist featured.

  • Nikki's Seaside Babies "How to Reborn" Just CLICK HERE
  • Nikki's Seaside Babies "How to Look After Your Reborn's Hair"  Please CLICK HERE
  • Kate Charles "AA (African American) Painting Tutorial  CLICK HERE
  • Jackie Ortiz "Veins, Lips, Blushing and More"  Just CLICK HERE
  • NOTE: There are so many You Tube Videos on reborning that we suggest you just go to You Tube Reborn Tutorials . Please make sure the artist is reputable before using their techniques. Views and likes are a good indicator of the value this video has. Thank you

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