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Rooting Needles Fork: 42g 10 pack

$675 $1000

Fork rooting needles are an essential tool for creating lifelike hair for reborn dolls. The specialized shape and size of the needles allow for precision hair placement and longer-lasting roots. The stainless steel material makes them durable and resistant to rust for years of use.

  • 10 uncut 42 gauge fork needles per pack (no barbs)
  • 3" long
  • Forked rooting needles catch or grab the hair in their "fork". The larger the hair shaft, the smaller the gauge rooting needle you will need. 
  • Fork needles are three-dimensional needles with rounded fork tips. 
  • Intermediate rooting:  These needle's forks are smaller than the 40g so the hair used must be finer too.
  • If you do not know how to root yet, we suggest you looking at videos on Youtube. Fork rooting needles grab the hair like a fork before you insert the needle into the vinyl. As you push the fork needle in (the fork is barely visible to the naked eyes), the hair is grabbed as the vinyl closes back up when you remove the needle. This takes time and practice and more practice to learn. If the needle is not picking up hair, then your hair strands might be to large for the needles or you are not inserting the needle into the vinyl correctly. You must insert all rooting needles into the vinyl in the directional that the non-needle tip points. 

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