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HoneyBug Sweetheart Magnetic Reborn Doll Pacifier


      8mm magnet is NOT included. 

      Honeybug Sweetheart doll pacifiers are specifically designed with reborn doll s with a magnet already inside of the doll's head (read below to see if your doll has this feature). Just pop off the handle, insert a round 8mm magnet (not included) and put the handle back on. It's now ready for use*.


      • For dolls sized 19-20" (48-51cm) and up
      • Approximately 2" w x 1.75" h (49mm x 44.5mm)
      • Accepts 8mm round neo magnet, not included (1/4" or 3/8" can be used) 
      • Sweetheart style for 19-21" size dolls
      • Each pacifier handle can be removed to change the polarity of the magnet
      • by Honeybug
      • A magnet must already be inside a doll's head behind the mouth for the Honeybug doll pacifiers to work. To test, take a small, clean, smooth magnet and put it to the doll's mouth. If a magnet is present inside of the doll's head, the magnet used for testing will be pushed away or pulled to the mouth. If nothing happens, then there is not a magnet near the mouth. To put a magnet into the doll's head, the head must be removed and the magnet glued in place behind the mouth.

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