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This n' That Magnetic Reborn Doll Pacifier

$300 $500

Note:  All of our hand made reborn magnetic pacifiers use the N pole of the magnet. This way our pacifiers will always attach to the same pole. 

Only while supplies last. Many pacifiers are seasonal and cannot be restocked.

  • Prices range from $3.95 and up. 
  • GIDH = Glow in the Dark Handle
  • All pacifiers are NB size unless noted - PR = Preemie, B = 3-9mth, T = Toddler
  • Only choices in the drop down are available at this time. 
  • Each pacifier sold separately.
  • Includes the altered pacifier (a strong magnet is positioned where the nipple would normally be. You can see the magnet but only when it is not attached to the dolls' mouth) with an extra strong magnet attached to the pacifier and a super strong neo magnet in bag for inserting into the doll's head.
WARNING: Not for Children under Age 12. Swallowed or ingested magnets are dangerous and can cause death in ALL ages. Read the American Association of Pediatric's (AAP) Policy on the matter. If a magnet is ingested, please call your local emergency room immediately.

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